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Polestar Academy is a co-educational secondary school affiliated with CBSE.

School Activities

Basant Panchami

As you all are aware that Basant Panchami is an important festival in India as it marks the onset of spring. Embodying the spirit of renewal, learning and enlightenment we too celebrated this auspicious day by encouraging our students from all age groups and sow the seeds of being an individual of constant seeking spirit, having the thrust for knowledge and becoming a person of wisdom. On the eve of Basant Panchami and day of Basant Panchami we observed School Homage Day as the School is the second source after parents where all these young children seeks knowledge and wisdom.…
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Colours Of Polestar 2024

Every year on January 23, Subhas Chandra Bose’s birthday is commemorated across the nation to honour his pivotal role in the independence movement in India. Netaji Jayanti was held at our school to celebrate & pay our respect on his 127th birth anniversary. This day also marks our founding day hence we celebrated 24th Founding year with all our students, their parents, ex students, teacher, staffs by holding Colours of Polestar which is our annual exhibition cum sale event. Our students participated with their own creations, of several science projects, art and crafts, traditional walk-way and displayed their potential.
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Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024: The theme of this year’s Republic Day is ‘Viksit Bharat’ and ‘Bharat: Loktantra ki Matruka’, symbolizing India’s aspirations and its role as a nurturer of democracy. India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day today (26 January, Friday), marking the adoption of the constitution on this day in 1950. At Polestar Academy the tricolour hoisted by Respected Principal Madam Tapati Bhattacharya and together with our students we took the oath to be a responsible citizen and respect the Constitution and contribute towards the growth of our community and country and for the entire human race Jai Hind.
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Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs

Today we are united to take a pledge under the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan to make not only our community, family, friends but ourselves drug free because change starts from within, so pledge together to make India Drug Free. I pledge that I will take all efforts in my capability to make India Drug-Free. ‘ We pledge that we will keep ourselves, our family and our loved ones away from drugs and enjoy a healthy and happy life. In terms of percentage of population affected, the top states in the country are those in the north east (Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal…
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Integrating sports in the curriculum fosters holistic development, promotes physical and psychological well-being and enhances cognitive abilities of the learners. NEP 2020 envisages sports as a part of the curriculum and lays emphasis on sports-integrated learning as well as adopting fitness as a lifelong attitude.NEP 2020 states“Sports-integration is another cross-curricular pedagogical approach that utilizes physical activities including indigenous sports, in pedagogical practices to help in developing skills such as collaboration, self-initiative, self- direction, self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility. Maintaining the same spirit we also hold annual sports activities for all our students starting from Bal Vatika upto class VIII. Here are some…
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Learning beyond Boundary

Students of Polestar Academy (I, V to IX) have stepped beyond the school boundary for learing from the nature. These are the glimpses of their being in the nature’s lap, the great teacher of ours. They have treaded through both organised and natural jungles of cloud climb trees, Tea-gardens surrounded by green nature against the silhouette of sunny blue sky of infinite extension.
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