Basant Panchami

As you all are aware that Basant Panchami is an important festival in India as it marks the onset of spring. Embodying the spirit of renewal, learning and enlightenment we too celebrated this auspicious day by encouraging our students from all age groups and sow the seeds of being an individual of constant seeking spirit, having the thrust for knowledge and becoming a person of wisdom.

On the eve of Basant Panchami and day of Basant Panchami we observed School Homage Day as the School is the second source after parents where all these young children seeks knowledge and wisdom. Both the days were held in high spirit and our students showcase different hidden talents with great enthusiasm. On 13th students from Pre Montessori to class V were seen performing dance, recitation and also some beautiful vocals. At the beginning our senior teacher Mrs Kalyani Saikia introduced the significance of The School Homage Day for our students in a very simplified way. Then throughout the programme our junior section teacher Mrs Niharika Dutta Konwar carried on with the hosting and students enjoyed both the days thoroughly.