World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Theme for the World Environment Day 2023 is under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. The slogan for WED IS Go green, breathe clean. Stop polluting the environment. Save our planet. Think before you trash it. Protecting our environment is the foundation for sustaining our planet, community, and economy. Our environment supports and houses our ecosystems, allowing them to grow and thrive. If we fail to protect our environment, we will put the lives of humans, animals, plants, and more at risk.

We at Polestar Academy observed the World Environment Day every year by engaging our students and their parents and all the team members of school. Today, our students planted a sapling at their home before coming to school and the same was shared on the school what’s app group to begin our day with fresh determination to save the planet by planting and nurturing the plants more and more. Here are some images from the day.